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Marshalls Pasta - Inspired by Tradition

The Marshalls story began 128 years ago in 1885 when brothers James and Thomas Marshall began a partnership that would see their name become a part of Scottish history and create a food dynasty to span generations. It was however the launch in 1935 of short cut Macaroni that turned Marshalls into a household name in Scotland and we are proud to announce that Marshalls is still the best-selling pasta in this region. For over a century Marshalls has been producing products using only the finest of wheat. Originally milling Semolina and Farola from durum wheat for home baking, the Company has expanded over the years and now also produces a range of pasta shapes and ready meals. More recently, we have launched a traditional Scottish Shortbread Mix, a real taste of Scotland which has proven to be very popular. Our products are available to buy direct from our head office sold by the case but can also be bought in all main multiple outlets in Scotland and a selection of independent retailers throughout the UK.

The fascinating history of Marshalls along with details of our full range of products and how to purchase them can be found on our website: or you can call our office on: 0845 2657075.